Tracklisting for ONIFC Download:

Intro (0:40)

Paperbond (3:28)

Bluffin featuring Berner (5:32)

Let It Go featuring Akon               (4:18)

The Bluff featuring Cam’ron (3:48)

Work Hard, Play Hard (3:40)

Got Everything featuring Courtney Noelle (3:14)

Fall Asleep (3:48)

Time (3:56)

It’s Nothin featuring 2 Chainz (3:48)

Rise Above featuring Pharrell, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose (4:31)

Initiation featuring LoLa Monroe) (4:29)

Up in It  (3:44)

No Limit (9:27)

The Plan featuring Juicy J (4:54)

Remember You featuring The Weeknd (4:50)

Medicated featuring Chevy Woods & Juicy J (5:30)

Wiz Khalifa’s mellow flow is jazzed up by Cam’Ron’s speedy rhymes in this foggytrack that pays homage to the blunt so get ONIFC download now. The track starts out with Wiz spitting out rhymes on money, being fly and his favorite subject, weed. But the real triumph is veteran Cam’Ron’s fast, whip-smart lines, pulled from ONIFC album download:

“Now point that camera at my pockets cause they saying ‘cheese.’”

Closing out with:

“Money, h–s, clothes and mayhem

Amen! ONIFC download, get the full album now for free.

Please have her on her knees, but she ain’t prayin’”

ONIFC download one is best served with whatever psychoactive drug you have on hand, but also works alone. The laid-back and trance-y atmosphereslightly simulates the smoked-out experience and may just get you high. Download O.N.I.F.C. is Wiz Khalifa’s second album under Atlantic Records. It was released on December 4 and is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Download O.N.I.F.C. Wiz Khalifa’s latest album Only N**ga in First Class (edited: One Night in First Class) was released recently week to mixed reviews. It is the hip hop artist’s fourth album and his second under Atlantic records. Guest artists who participated in the album include the likes of Akon, Lola Monroe, Berner, Cam’ron, Juicy J, Iamsu!, Pharrell and Amber Rose. The title was inspired by Prodigy of Mobb Deep’s H.N.I.C. Wiz Khalifa worked with producers Sledgren, Stargate, Cardo, Benny Blanco, Jim Jonsin, Pharrell Williams,, Danja and I.D. Labs. The artist recorded mixtapes to promote ONIFC download before it was released, including Taylor Allderdice (released on March 13) and Cabin Fever 2 (released on October 16).

Khalifa is currently on a promo tour with Chevy Woods, Juicy J and Lola Monroe. The single Work Hard, Play Hard was released on April 23 and the music video premiered a month later with a Jimi Hendrix tribute. It reached number 17 on Billboard charts at its highest spot and sold over 804,000 digital tracks (as of August 2012) in the U.S. The second single available with ONIFC download in free MP3Remember You was released on September 24, and the music video for The Bluff was released on November 27.